Terms of Service

The First Circuit EClerk's Counter offers products and services via the Court’s website for registered users.  Although anyone can place an EClerk’s Counter order, the following instances may cause cancellation or restriction of an order:  
1) A document uploaded for EFiling will be rejected if not in compliance with Local Rule 8 (click here to see Local Rule 8).
2)  Pursuant to law, certain cases are confidential or some of the documents filed in the case may contain confidential information.  Only an attorney of record is entitled to view this information.  Therefore, any “copy” of a confidential record, on CD or paper, is available ONLY to an attorney of record.  If some of the documents filed in the case contain confidential information, the confidential information will be redacted before the order is processed.
3)  Pursuant to rules of court, only an attorney of record may “check out” a record.  No trial court exhibits to a record are checked out in any case.

A First Circuit Case Number is required to order a CD or to check out a record. Call 225-382-3000 for assistance if you do not know the First Circuit Case Number.

You will need to submit the Paper Copies Request Form online if you are requesting paper copies. You will need to come into the Courthouse to specifically identify the individual documents for copying if the Clerk’s Office cannot determine with certainty the documents that you are ordering.

>Web-based payment may be made by VISA or MasterCard.  Debit cards will be processed as credit cards. Checks and money orders are not accepted as a payment method for EFiling.  For other products and services, a check or money order can be mailed to the Court with a copy of the order enclosed. Cash will not be accepted through the mail.Payment is required to be received by the Court in advance of mailing of products. UPS will collect payment upon delivery (COD) if a checked out case record is shipped.   Payment shall be made at the time of pickup (VISA, MasterCard, check or money order, or cash) if a product is to be picked up at the Courthouse

The Clerk's Office policy is to not request Credit Card payment information through email or by phone.

Refund Policy. Refunds will issue in the following circumstances:
1) The EFiling surcharge per Local Rule 1-11(b) will not be refunded even if the document uploaded is rejected for EFiling.
2) If a filing fee is paid in excess of the amount owed, the Clerk's Office will contact the payor to initiate a refund of the excess paid.

Other Refunds
1) The copy fee overpayment arose from a Clerk’s Office error.
2) A copy fee was not required pursuant to the Public Records Law.

To claim this refund, you must contact the Clerk's Office at 225-382-3000.